Making the Most of Thanksgiving Break : ADHD Survival Tips for College
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                     Booker T. Washington

Making the Most of Thanksgiving Break

by Dr. Liz on 11/21/11

I know what you're thinking.  You are so excited to have a few days off (if not the whole week) from classes.  You are so close to the end of the semester that you can practically taste it.  Time is a tricky thing with us ADHD folks.  We think we've got more than we can possibly use or we think we've got no time at all.  So, if you are thinking you could just take the week to relax (even though you've got a that big paper due just around the corner), do yourself a big favor.....DON'T TAKE A BREAK!

Take a 3/4 break.  That is enough of a break to feel like you didn't have to work so hard this week.  But, it still gives you a little work to do.  At a minimum, look at your calender for the rest of the semester.  Make a plan for how you will accomplish all of the things left (including studying for finals).  Your plan should include how long you think it will take for you to accomplish each task. 

Then pick at least one task that you can get done this week.  Pick one that will only take a couple of hours.  Then, schedule at least two hours over this week to work on that task.   Once you've put in those two hours, you will undoubtedly feel accomplished and less stressed.  Then, by all means.....enjoy your holiday!

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