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"Success is measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.
                     Booker T. Washington

Get off to a great start!

by Dr. Liz on 08/06/12

I know what you are thinking.  Only a few more weeks until school starts back.  You are convinced that this semester is going to be your best one yet.  You've told your parents this semester will be the best yet.  But, do you really know how you are going to pull this off?  One mistake us ADDers make all too often is thinking that we have discovered the one thing that made us fail before.  Now that we know what is was, we will make sure we don't do it again.  Except, that little small thing that made all the difference usually turns out to be much bigger and much more complicated than we originally anticipated.  Maybe you've figured out that all you really need to do is make it to your 9:30am class every day.  Sounds easy enough, right?  WRONG!  Let me introduce you to a myth that many ADDers fall prey to: 


Myth:  Small changes are easy.

Truth:  All changes are hard, even when they are small.  This is because we are all creatures of habit and even a small change breaks that habit.  It's much harder to actually follow through and maintain.

But, don't worry.  There is a way!  Start now by thinking about all the things that keep you from getting up.  Like, beditme.  It's got to be a steady time each night (as much as that is possible).  Your body (and your brain) needs training for this change.  If you've spent all summer sleeping in and you suddenly you think your body is magically going to transform itself into a morning person, you might need to change that thought.

So, acknowledge that it is going to be hard and start at least a week in advance (more if you can).  Start going to bed by midnight and setting you alarm for 9am.  Figure out a morning routine.  Ask yourself what it takes to get yourself going and try to carry out a morning routine each day.  If you try it out a week early, you might find you need to make some adjustments.  Then, you can start making those adjustments BEFORE the chaos of the beginning of the semester goes into full effect.

If you find that you have trouble thinking of this routine, ask someone for help (a friend or parent).  Us ADDers need our support systems like we need air. 

And if you need a little extra support, coaching is always an option. 

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