Succeed In College with ADHD
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Initial Assessment
An initial assessment will take about two hours to complete and will consist of information gathering.  This is ideally completed in person, but can be completed over the telephone.  Dr. Heiney will likely ask questions such as:

how long have you been diagnosed with ADHD?
what other ways have you managed your ADHD symptoms in the past?
what is your understanding of how your ADHD affects your performance in college?
what specific things are you having difficulty with at this time?

Once sufficient information is gathered, you and Dr. Heiney will collaborate to identify one or more goals and a specific plan for accomplishing these goals.  At this time, you and Dr. Heiney will discuss the needs for frequency and duration of coaching services as well.  

The cost for this initial assessment is $250.
Coaching Sessions
Coaching sessions may take place in person or over the phone.  It is recommended that you engage in one coaching session per week for at least the first four weeks.  These sessions will consist of learning specific tasks neccesary to meet your individuals goals.  For example, if balancing study time with personal time is one of your goals, your iniital coaching sessions will be spent learning basic time management principles and how to adapt them to your specific situation.  You and Dr. Heiney will use your coaching sessions to develop a schedule and routine.   Follow-up coaching sessions will be used to review how well your routine is working and make adjustments when necessary.  Once a solid workable schedule has been established, coaching sessions can be reduced in frequency and will be used to keep you accountable and to make sure you are continuing to be successful.  As with all the services involved in your coaching experience, frequency and duration will be determined collaboratively between you and Dr. Heiney.

The cost for a one-hour coaching session is $150.

The cost for a 30-minute coaching session is $75.
Maintainance Sessions
Once you have been engaged in coaching for some time and you feel confident in your abilities to manage your goals without regular coaching sessions, you can arrange for maintainance sessions.  These will be brief check-ins that aim at continuing to build your confidence as well as ensure that you are solidly ready to put your new skills in practice independently.  Check-ins can be through email or by phone and a flat monthly rate will apply.

The cost for maintainence sessions is $50/month for unlimited email contact and $75 per month for unlimited email contact and an additional four phone check-ins (phone check-ins can last up to 10 minutes each).
If you are unsure if ADHD coaching with Dr. England is the right approach for you, you may schedule a 20-minute phone consultation at no charge to you.  Simply complete the contact form below to schedule.